To Schools and Educational Institutions

To Schools and Educational Institutions

Presentations at schools

The recent interest and introduction of kitchen gardens (or vegie patches) in schools has been a remarkable phenomenon and one not before its time. Teaching children the joy of growing food through hands-on activity is undoubtedly the best way to start up a lifelong hobby that may remain latent for a while, but will never be foreign to them later on.

However, teachers often feel inadequate as horticulture may not be their area of expertise and while they may have the basics, on-going knowledge is sometimes lacking. Schools sometimes have dedicated staff but not always, and this is where My Green Garden can help.

For teachers:

+ In-servicing on:

  • Setting up vegie patches and the practicalities of running them with children. 
    Seasonal vegie planning and seed raising techniques form part of this.
  • Composting, worm farming and working alternatives for school situations.
  • Keeping chickens at schools: set-up and on-going care.
  • ALSO: On-going or occasional mentoring support to schools with existing vegie gardens.


For students:

+ School incursions from Prep level to Grade 6 on all aspects of sustainable gardening, with particular emphasis on produce growing and organic waste recycling through composting and worm farming. All presentations include hands-on activities for the children tailored to suit the existing knowledge base of the class and their age group.

For both, My Green Garden welcomes liaising with staff beforehand to ascertain exactly what outcomes are anticipated by the classes and workshops, to make sure you get answers for what you need.

Notes and worksheets are sent to the school to photocopy for the class or workshop.

Please contact My Green Garden with any queries for how it can help in your school and for costs.

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