Fruit Tree Care

Growing fruit need not be difficult nor confusing

One of the most perplexing issues that confront people as gardeners is all about the care of fruit trees - and especially of their pruning.

I have consolidated a lot of material to put together a downloadable handout which covers many of the fruit trees grown in temperate climates, such as in Melbourne (Australia). It details the when and why to prune; the pruning of various trees according to their fruiting habits, as well as pest control and other management issues.

Keeping all that information in mind is not always easy so keep the reference handy!

Most importantly of all is an old adage that I heard somewhere and which I am constantly reminding people of:

"You plant a vegetable garden to feed yourself.
You plant fruit trees that will feed your children.
You plant nut trees that will feed your grandchildren"

In other words, be patient with your fruit trees. With a bit of care and some occasional attention, they'll eventually end up doing what you want them to do - bear fruit.