Compost Solutions

Recycling your household organic waste

Turn waste into treasure for your soil using one - or more! - of the methods detailed

I am one of the lucky ones who grew up in a family that made compost. That meant that it was a no-brainer to continue to make compost when I set up my own household. My parents did it to improve the soil in the vast backyard vegie garden that they kept. I do the same but I also do it knowing that the alternative - to send my kitchen scraps to landfill - is a huge no-no in terms of my negative environmental impact.


Homemade compost is brimming with helpful soil micro-life which helps make your garden soil biologically active. Healthy soil = Healthy plants! 
Make some quickly with my Fast Compost method

Given that many households now don't have access to a large, or even a small garden, wanting to have a positive environmental impact by recycling kitchen waste is still not out of reach. It might not be the traditional compost, but there are alternatives for smaller spaces.

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Happy composting!