Testimonial - Fiona, Susan and Jessica

This mother and daughters come as a triple package, making the most of Early Bird and Bring-a-Friend discounts.

Testimonials My Green Garden Preserving classes
Testimonials My Green Garden Preserving classes
Testimonials My Green Garden Preserving classes


This class was fantastic! I can highly recommend it as it was so much fun and very informative all the way through! Maria is an engaging presenter and answered every question we had and more. It was great to see examples of her decorated preserves and to get some awesome tips for decorating our own to give away as gifts (if we can bear to part from them!). We learnt how to make four different preserves: spicy eggplant pickle, cranberry chutney, savoury onion jam, and dessert figs infused with early grey. Maria even managed to find time to demonstrate how to preserve cherries in brandy. After we got to taste-test all of the preserves plus a couple of extras, in addition to going home with a jar of each preserve made on the day, plus an extra recipe for fruit mince and pastry to try making our own homemade fruit mince pies -- honestly, I feel that this class is excellent value!


There were so many highlights to this workshop that I can't possibly pick only one. We learnt so much about how to make tomato passata: from coring the tomatoes, boiling them, pressing them to separate seeds and skin from the fleshy bits, bottling, and the final hot water bath to preserve the passata in their jars. Morning tea was a selection of preserves to try along with a cup of tea or coffee; lunch was pasta and a taste of the passata we had just been making - delicious! Our group had such a fantastic time chatting away as we worked through the different stages with Maria and her family's patient guidance that the whole day was just filled with fun! Oh, and yes, we all got plenty of the passata to take home! (once the bottles had cooled)


Every time we attend one of your classes we have such an amazing time we meet new friends and learn so much. Its Lovely to chat with everyone while chopping stirring pots and while enjoying morning tea (by the way thank you for making those yummy gf brownies).
We always look forward to your classes.
Thank you.